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Ship Security

  • • RPG
  • • Composite with AK-47
  • • Bullet Resistance Bridge with Glass and Doors
  • • Blast Resistance Windows and Doors
  • • Safe Room
  • • Blast Mitigation Film

Floatation Vest

The Safe Zone BFV110 combines the ballistic qualities of a Tactical Vest with the safety and buoyancy characteristics of a Flotation Vest. Its features include:

  • • Protection to NIJ level 0101.04 IIIA with multi-hit capability
  • • Inherent flotation system providing in excess of 200N of positive buoyancy
  • • Level III/IV armour plate pockets
  • • Front, back and side protection
  • • Removable machine washable cover
  • • Simple fully adjustable Velcro closures, secured by buckle closure
  • • Waterproof and UV proof ballistic panels
  • • Full freedom of movement
  • • Additional nylon webbing belt securing system
  • • Optional Reflective panels

The vest is donned by being passed over the head and the side straps fastening around the waist using touch and close tape.

Chest cms (in)89-94 (35/37)97-102 (38/40)104-109 (41/42)112-117 (44/46)119-124 (47/49)125-135 (50/52)


The vest has been designed specifically to meet the rigors of military and tactical service life. It is tough, durable, easy to don and doff and well proven.


The design of the shoulder closure combined with a full wrap around nylon webbing belt and groin strap prevent the vest from riding up white in the water.


The outer cover is machine (or hand) washable and hence can be easily kept in good condition. The armour pack and cover can all be replaced if damaged.


The vest has been specifically designed to withstand the rigors of military and tactical service life. The selection of materials, ergonomic design and the structure of the garment ensure longevity.


The vest features a continuous front and rear panel design. This ensures full extent of protection to the front, back and sides of the torso.


The vest is supplied with a floatation system providing minimum 200N of positive buoyancy from full life jacket integrated into the jacket, which can be manual or automatic inflation.


Panels of woven water repellent Aramid sealed in an armour bag to provide the “soft” protection. These packs are tailored to provide maximum extent of protection. The design of the Aramid allows a high degree of flexibility to accommodate anthropometrical variations and avoid restrictions to movement. The full armour construction is maintained over the entire ballistics panel.

Test Effect

The armour system has been extensively tested. Copy test reports are available on request.